What’s Hooked Us?


We’re looking forward to the photographic shows coming up. See What I Can See has already opened at HCAG and Keep on Kimi Ora is coming soon to the same. Photography is prevalent in the day-to-day with social media sucking up as much content as we can collectively create, but there is still space in our lives for works on walls that lift this medium back up to its place as art. Keep on Kimi Ora particularly looks like it’ll be a show of the community, for the community, by the community. Same goes for the Seaweek poetry competition – breaking the binary of creator and audience and encouraging all to be involved in the making of creative works. There are synergies too with the bevy of am-dram shows currently in prep. We are anticipating great shows with Blood Brothers at Tabard Theatre, Over the Top from HaBYT and Whatever at Napier Little Theatre. This last one is from the late Terry Coyle, a Hawke’s Bay playwright. And if participating in the form is as much your thing as it is ours look out for the two Death Cafes heading our way on the calendar – one at Gentle Touch Funeral Parlour on 15 June and another at Wardini’s bookshop on 21 June. We will be reviewing one of them so make sure you check on The Hook soon.

Bridie&Jess for The Hook

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